LOUIE FLECK: First Taste Is Free (2012)

cover art for the 2012 CD: Louie Fleck – First Taste Is Free

The new album: First Taste Is Free (2012) is now available. It features 11 original songs, 10 instrumental versions and art by Erica Harris.

First Taste Is Free – Louie Fleck
1-Listen (4:32)
2-Watch Out (3:03)
3-Down Facing Dog (3:58)
4-All About You (4:09)
5-Job Today (3:48)
6-What Crazy People Do (5:15)
7-First Taste Is Free (4:39)
8-Countless Tears (4:05)
9-Donkey Dance (4:51)
10-Except For The Tears (4:25)
11-Where To Find Me (3:57)
(instrumental versions)
12-Watching (3:00)
13-Facing (3:36)
14-Knowing (3:45)
15-Working (3:05)
16-Doing (3:22)
17-Tasting (4:24)
18-Counting (2:40)
19-Dancing (2:08)
20-Finding (3:22)
21-Listening (3:36)

All songs and music by Louie Fleck © 2012 all rights reserved
Recorded, mixed and produced by Louie Fleck in NYC
Mastering: Alan Douches, West West Side Music, Original Art: Erica Harris

What is this? I’ve been writing songs since, in my twenties, I lived in a fifth floor walk-up in the West Village. There were all the usual influences: Beatles, Dylan, Kinks, Grateful Dead and even musical theater. I played some instinctual version of rock music in several bands. One day, after purchasing a bunch of LPs from a guy on the street for next to nothing, I discovered the most amazing record: Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers. A revelation had been delivered to me. Despite the appearance of simplicity, the music was disciplined and organized and even a two or three chord groove could be inspirational! I tried to learn about Reggae and bought every record I could afford. I sat down and figured out chord changes and bass lines. I struggled with the notion of how a white Jew from the Upper West Side could write Reggae songs. Hearing bands like UB40 and Sublime made me feel like I had permission to simply write the songs and play them in my interpretation of a Reggae style.

Louie Fleck: First Taste is Free

Many thanks to those who have encouraged me, especially:
Laury Webb, Marcia Davis, Simone Gordon, Anton Bernard, Andrea Goode, Maggie Roche, Paul Brantley, Cornell Marshall, Earl Appleton, Paul Vlachos, Linley McKenzie, Kevin Williams, Jason Kessler, Andrew Van Dusen, Sharon Lehner, Shannon Holman, Amanda Barrett, June Reich, Joseph Bradshaw, Julia Ignatenko, Donna Brodie, Trish Clark, Marisa Butler, Jesse Dowell & Richard, Sandy Imhoff, Family: Joe, Bela, Abby, Sascha, Erin, Cole, Gianluca and Mom.

In Memoriam: Ellen Page Wilson and Maura Robinson

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