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What are/is Les Donkees?

This group came together for a show by and for BAM staff called “BAM’s Got Talent.” We decided to keep playing and recording together.

Presenting the 2014 debut CD: LES DONKEES: Brooklyn Bastards: This is a rock music CD with 13 original songs by Louie Fleck with a bonus bunch of instrumentals.

This CD was recorded at Louie’s Brooklyn studio. After a few rehearsals, the band came up with basic arrangements. We recorded all the songs live and then vocals, horns, guitars and keyboards were arranged further and recorded over the basic drum and bass tracks. Then mixing began with Anne Pope at the controls. It took about two years.

Original artwork was created by the brilliant Brooklyn artist Erica Harris. http://www.ericaharris.org

Keka Marzagao, assisted by Anne Pope shot the Kickstarter video and Mary Rhymer animated and edited it. Mastering was done by Alan Douches of West Westside Music.

You can order the CD from iTunes, Amazon and even directly from us!

Les Donkees August 31, 2013 Trash Bar Brooklyn

Les Donkees August 31, 2013 Trash Bar Brooklyn

Here’s a song from the CD: Cut The Crap ©2014 by Louie Fleck

Who we are

Who we are

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