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Here are instrumental versions of the songs from the 2016 album: REGGAE THERAPY.
Hell INSTR MP3   Let Me INSTR MP3   By Chance INSTR MP3   I Tried INSTR MP3
Anything INSTR MP3   Nobody INSTR MP3   Half a Chance INSTR MP3
Patricia INSTR MP3   Letter INSTR MP3  Better Go INSTR MP3   Lovin You INSTR MP3

Here are some demos (alternate versions) of songs included on the Donkees CD:
How Come?     Home By Now    Good Idea

Here are a few songs that didn’t make it to the alieNation or so much more CDs:
Cowboy Dub      Why Should I Care?     Up And Down Dub
No Turning Back      Path Of Least Resistance (instrumental)
I Don’t Think So Dub
      Hard To Find (Rad Dub)      Future Feeling (Rad Dub)

The following instrumentals composed for the film: The Tutor by Emily Breer:
Zoe A     Zoe B     Zoe C     Phoebe A     Phoebe C     Joe A

Here are some 1997 versions of songs with vocals by Maggie Roche:
Hard To Find (Maggie Roche vocal)
Where Are The Tears (Maggie Roche vocal)
Might Say Yes (Maggie Roche vocal, Danny Morouse sax)

Here are some 1997 songs with vocals by Juliet Hanlon:
When It Comes To Love (Juliet Hanlon vocal)
Between A Rock & A Hard Place (Juliet Hanlon vocal)
A Matter Of Time (Juliet Hanlon vocal)

Here are some 1997 versions by other singers:
Girl Next Door (Kevin Williams vocal)
Music Is The Message (Kirsten Childs vocal)

From the musical: The Spy Who Loved Too Much, by Stan Baker & Louie Fleck
Help Along The Way (Michelle Azar & Papa Linley vocals)

Here is the original version of Cat as sung by Mary Birdsong:
Cat (Mary Birdsong vocal)

Here is the title song from a self explanatory musical!
Vocals by Harry Hogan, Mary Birdsong and others.
Happy Murder Day

Here are a bunch of LF demos (some are very rough!):
After The War   Only At A Little Gig   Was It Something I Said?   I Tried
I Don’t Know   Could Be Worse   Next Big Thing   Part You Are Missing
Usual Suspects   Bike Breakdown Blues   No Small Comfort   Shitstorm
U Mite B Da 1  Write You A Letter   Going Down That Road   Secrets And Lies
Don’t Break My Heart   Better Go Right Now   Making My Life Hell   Hey Little Kitty

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