Red Room Recording Studio:
A comfortable state-of-the-art music production facility. There are numerous isolation areas for recording drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, horns, percussion and vocals. Featuring a Pro Tools HD TDM recording system with 24 inputs and 32 outputs into a Toft 32 Channel Mixing Board and Genelec speakers. Also: MotU Digital Performer, many wonderful mics (Blue, Shure, AKG, Electo-voice, Octava Ribbon), microphone pre-amps (Avalon, Trident, Joe Meek, Dbx) vintage amps (Fender, Ampeg, SWR, Roland, G&K, Hartke) and a large percussion collection. And… a wide range of MIDI sequenced sound modules, Moog Phatty, Roland VK-8 Organ, E-mu, Yamaha, Korg, virtual synthesizers, drum sample library and high end effects processing (Lexicon PCM-81, Eventide Eclipse, Demeter Real Reverb, TC Vocalist and many plug-ins). Competitive hourly and project rates.

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