About Louie Fleck

LOUIE FLECK is a song writer, composer, recording engineer, designer of graphics and video animation. He currently works as an archivist at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Louie Fleck has released several music CDs:

Reggae Therapy – Louie Fleck (2016)

Brooklyn Bastards – Les Donkees (2014)

First Taste Is Free – Louie Fleck (2012) 11 original songs, 10 instrumental versions, produced and performed by LF in his unique Reggae influenced style.

What I Do – Dub Poet Anton (2009) 10 original songs by Anton Bernard, 9 instrumental versions, production and original music by Louie Fleck and Laury Webb.

alieNation – NYC Reggae Collective (2004) 15 original songs produced by LF and performed by the best New York Reggae singers and musicians. Featuring: Original Smurph, Simone Gordon, Marcia Davis, Keith Johnston, Charmaine DaCosta, Brian “Milo” Lowe, Laury Webb, Kalvin Kristi, Maggie Roche, Rich N Famous and Laury Webb.

so much more – The Motives Project (2001) 19 original songs produced by LF and performed by members of THE MOTIVES, featuring Brian “Milo” Lowe, Rebecca Bolluyt and many special guests.

Instrumentality – Louie Fleck (1997) Original instrumental music composed for musical theater, film, video, art installations and television.

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