Red Room Recording Studio:
A comfortable state-of-the-art ProTools/Performer based production facility. Features isolation for recording live drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. We have a wide range of MIDI sound modules, effects processors, Toft mixing board, many wonderful mics, vintage amps and a large percussion collection. Competitive hourly and project rates. See photos on the Red Room page.

Musical Theater Composition:
Haunted Taxi Ride: a musical by Stan Baker and Louie Fleck, completed 1993? Workshop productions in New York at LaMaMa E.T.C.  Second production: November 1994 at Santa Fe College. This show includes 18 songs, additional instrumentals and sound design composed specifically for the show.

The Spy Who Loved Too Much: a musical by Stan Baker and Louie Fleck, completed 1991, rewrite 1995. A parody of the James Bond formula movies. Workshop productions in New York at the Cornelia Street Cafe,LaMaMa E.T.C., and 1995 production at Jan McArt’s Dinner Theatre, Boca Raton FL. This show includes 15 songs, instrumentals and sound design composed specifically for the show.

At Home With The Television: a musical by Stan Baker and Louie Fleck, completed 1989. Produced in New York at The Home for Contemporary Theatre and Art for two runs Feb. and Nov. 1989. Also produced in 1991 at Santa Fe College. This show includes 10 songs, additional instrumentals and sound design composed specifically for the show.

Molineaux: a musical, book by John Chodes, music & lyrics by Louie Fleck. A historical musical about the first black challenger to the boxing title set in London, 1887. Nine songs were completed and recorded for this project.

Getting Married: a short musical based on the play by G.B. Shaw by Richard A. Simson and Louie Fleck with additional material by Arthur Shaffer. First version completed May 1993.

I Can’t Remember, I Can’t Forget: a science fiction/time travel musical, by Louie Fleck, a work in progress. This musical farce begins in the future and passes through the musical theatre of New York’s 1920’s.

Music, lyrics and sound effects design for a variety of industrial, commercial and artistic projects including:

The Phony Trilogy: by Emily Breer & Joe Gibbons 1997
Comedy Central: original music for several commercials
Superhero: an animated film by Emily Breer, included in the Whitney Museum’s Biennial, 1995 NYC
Sky’s The Limit/ITVS Kids: four 15 second spots that included animation & live action by Emily Breer
Withdrawn: a film by Howard Shepps
Cars: video art installation by Tom Reiss
News Of The Weird: ID Theme for a short news program that was broadcast on over 100 radio stations across the US twice daily.

Major Theatrical Productions:
I have assisted Scott Lehrer with sound design, composition and recording on several projects including Angels In America (Broadway), Civil War permanent installation, various album recordings and industrials.

Additional Sound Design: (in addition to designing all sound for my musicals)
Love True, August 1992, Playwrights Horizons
Academy Street, September 1992, Kampo Cultural Center

Recording Engineer:
I have engineered many albums, soundtracks, videos, theatrical and industrials at Passport Recording, Tapestry Recording, Noise New York and Michael Mansfield Mediatrax Studios in New York.

I contributed songs, arrangements and played guitar in several Rock and Reggae bands in New York and Los Angeles including: NYC REGGAE COLLECTIVE, The Motives, Bubble, Laury Webb and Tigerbone Band, Papa Linley, Marcia Davis and the Outro, Mr. Mokono, The Plankwalkers, The Dinette Set and others.

Motion Graphics Production:
Professional design, animation and video production using Photoshop and AfterEffects. Samples available on request.

Lucy Moses School: Musical Theatre Writers Workshop with Richard Simson.
City College of New York: Music Program: Instructors included Yusef Lateef.
Various other courses at NYU, School Of Visual Arts.

For over ten years, I taught computer graphics, design and animation courses at The School for Visual Arts in New York.
At The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York,  for several years, I taught a course entitled “Presentation Techniques” to fourth year Interior Design majors.

Member of ASCAP.

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